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Terms of Service

Last updated: December 20, 2021, Welcome to Deejay Jsi! We know that as a student or visitor it is important that your Lessons, workshops, or bootcamps run safely and smoothly. We’re glad you’re here. Please read these terms carefully, they contain important information about the legal rights, remedies, and obligations. By the Services of the application of these terms, as they apply to you.

When we use the term “Students” in these Terms, we mean the learners who use services. Use of the Services is based in these Terms as “Users”, “you”, “you”, “you” or “your”.

The name Deejay Jsi falls under the trade name of Salsafever Enschede. In the Course Terms and Conditions, we will use this trade name instead of. Deejay jsi.

1) Dancechool SalsaFever Enschede, hereinafter referred to as “The dance school”, provides courses and events in the field of tropical and afro dancing in the broadest sense of the word. On our website, you can sign for a course, event, workshop, Bootcamp, and practice against payment of the stated and agreed amount. To finalize the payment you have to accept our terms and conditions on the checkout page. 

2) Finalize the payment and accept our terms and conditions on the checkout page, an agreement is concluded between the dance school holder and the student

3) The event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp conditions apply to agreements as referred to in point 2. By signing up on our website as referred to in point 1 above, the student declares to have taken note of these course conditions and declares to agree by signing.

4) Any course, event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp cancellation, or request for a refund is only possible till 24 hours (1 day) before the time start of a course event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp.  For a refund or cancellation send us an email to for further information.

5)Any course, event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp cancellation, or request for a refund after the 24 hours (1 day) time limit can be discussed. We have also other types of solutions, send us an email to for further information.

6) When returning from a canceled event, only the event cost will be refunded, so without administration costs

7) In case of termination of the course, or if one or more lessons are missed, for whatever reason, no refund of course fees will take place, nor is it possible to make up for missed lessons in the following season.

8) After prior permission from the dance school, a student is authorized to bring a guest with them. After prior permission from and after payment of the agreed amount to the dance school, a guest can actively participate in the lesson once. The relevant student undertakes to point out to his or her guest that they must adhere to the instructions given by or on behalf of the dance school.

9) DJ JSI reserves the right to cancel a course, event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp within the offer in case of force majeure such as illness or sudden absence of the teacher and not finding a location to give the lessons. In the event of illness/absence, a replacement will be sought first or an attempt will be made to reschedule the course, event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp. If this is not possible, the course, event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp will be canceled. However, a refund of the event, workshop, practice, Bootcamp will take place. The course fee will only take place if more than two lessons per course have expired per season.

10) In the event of illness/absence of the teacher, the student will receive a message (if available & if permission has been given) about canceled lessons by SMS to the number specified when registering. If necessary, the student can also be informed by telephone or e-mail. In addition, the student will also receive an e-mail with information (provided permission has been given).

11) In the event of a shortage of male students, it is possible in consultation with the dance school that a male student attends one or more classes than for which the relevant student is registered. The student must master at least the same level.

12) The dance school reserves the right to cancel the course in case of insufficient registrations for a particular course.

13) Subject to force majeure, the student is liable for all damage suffered by the dance school as a result of unlawful acts or omissions by the student in accordance with the relevant legal provisions.

14) The dance school cannot be held liable for loss, theft, or any injury.

15) The dance school owner is authorized to continue to refuse a student who has been denied access due to misconduct.

18) The dance school reserves the right to make changes at all times without giving any reason.

19) During our event we will be taking pictures and videos. Accepting this term you will give us the right to use your pictures and videos on our website and social media for promo purposes.

New Temporary Corona Conditions

It is always uncertain with the corona measures. That is why we have temporary conditions for when you register for one of our boot camps or workshops. These temporary conditions are valid from May 20, 2021 to August 1, 2022.

  1. Danschool SalsaFever Enschede gives 100% of your money back if there are new measures that we can no longer dance inside.
  2. You can request this by sending an email to
    Please note that we do not automatically refund your money.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.